Ranveer & Arjun's Insta-Live At #SonamKiShaadi Is Every Drunk Night Ever

Ranveer & Arjun's Insta-Live At #SonamKiShaadi Is Every Drunk Night Ever

Who are the coolest boys in B-Town currently? I will physically fight you if your answer is anything other than The Babas - Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. They're the guys you want at every party - crazy, uncontrollable (in a good way) and absolutely and completely unabashed. They have no airs and will party with any and everybody who'll dance with them and chill like there is no tomorrow. I really wish my friends were like this. You want proof? Well, after their antics at Sonam Kapoor's wedding, I have enough for you. Hang on!

Look at them! I wish my brothers do this at my wedding!


No Stopping Them

But then, I came across something that was so awesome that I was convinced that I'm going to track down these boys and friend them for life. They got drunk and went live on Instagram. And you know what they were doing during it? Praising and calling each other 'sex god'. Well, watch it for yourself and you will ROFL! Total goals!! 

The Babas have my heart - now and forever!

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