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Rannvijay's Daughter Already Has 110K Followers & The Li'l Roadie Is Only A Year Old!

Rannvijay's Daughter Already Has 110K Followers & The Li'l Roadie Is Only A Year Old!

Prianka and Rannvijay Singha's daughter Kainaat Singha is an Instagram celebrity already and she is just a year old! This cute ball of happiness is surely lighting up the lives of her parents, but also the lives of her Insta followers and her profile is lit AF! Did you know this li'l star kid is a sneakerhead? Don't believe us? Here are her top 10 adorable picture that will force you into following her right now. 

1. Kainaat Sandwich!

2. Her Laugh Is Contagious 


Dada is coming back today!!!! Yay!! #satnamwaheguruੴ 🙏🏼🌑

A post shared by Kainaat Singha (@singhakainaat) on

3. How's She So Adorable? 

4. She Looks Like A Fur Ball Herself!

5. Snow & This Little Eskimo 


Seeing snow for the first time,I was ok..... no big deal.. I was chill.. huh.. like duh,what's the big deal.. ok,you know what I just wanna go out for a walk mum.. need some air,nothing more.. I'm not excited with some soft white beautiful stuff that looks like magic.. ok ok ok... how about I go do some chores for u maa @priankasingha ,I know u hate the cold,should I go get some groceries?get ur shopping done?chemist?post a letter? Clean the driveway?get you some Sushi!?? Hey mum,c'mon.. u want me to just stand guard outside?? Maybe?? C'MON!! U know what-- imma gonna say it-- u pushed me too far-- "I wish dad was here,he is much cooler than you." #imissdaddy #snowismybestfriend #mymumiscold sorry I meant #mymumfeelscold ( @rannvijaysingha where are you?) #savage

A post shared by Kainaat Singha (@singhakainaat) on

6. Let Her Get Her Beauty Sleep 

7. Already A Brand Ambassador 

8. My Teddy Is My Teddy, None Of Your Teddy!


I just love him!! Thanks daddy @rannvijaysingha ! #satnamwaheguruੴ 🙏🏼🌑

A post shared by Kainaat Singha (@singhakainaat) on

9. It's Called The Child Pose

10. That's Cuteness Overdose 

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