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For Hichki Promotions, Rani Mukerji Isn't Playing By The (Fashion) Rules!

For Hichki Promotions, Rani Mukerji Isn't Playing By The (Fashion) Rules!

Rani Mukerji has returned to showbiz and how! When it comes to promoting a new movie, we all know the drill. The buzz starts with the release of the movie's poster and ends with multiple events hosted by the celebrities starring in the movie. The B-Town stars pull all the stops to ensure that they're making enough noise about their upcoming movie. We're talking about celebrities in gorgeous gowns, cute dresses, elegant sarees, all complemented with perfect make-up. Usually, that's a common sight but Rani Mukerji is doing things differently for Hichki promotions.

To promote her upcoming film, Rani Mukerji is breaking the so-called fashion rules. She is keeping it real. No over-the-top make-up or gowns. She is keeping her style cool and casual. Yes, as casual as sneakers, jeans and t-shirts. Her looks are allowing fans to experience a more relatable and carefree side of the celeb's personality and we have to admit, it's a refreshing change. 

We are hoping to see more of her casual chic looks until Hichki’s release on 23rd March.  You don’t always have to dress to impress, it’s good to be yourself and Rani is proving that for us!

Here are some of her recent looks...