Ranbir Kapoor Admits In An Interview That He Has An Addiction

Ranbir Kapoor Admits In An Interview That He Has An Addiction

Ranbir Kapoor is currently basking in the success of Sanju. His stellar performance has garnered immense appreciation and broken his jinx of a string of flop films. Ranbir has proven his mettle and essayed the role of Sanju Baba with sheer brilliance.

After portraying the role of a drug addict, Ranbir confessed to a leading daily in an interview that he has tried a few drugs during his college days.

But what took us by surprise was the statement that followed after. Ranbir said, “Every man makes mistakes in his life. I am addicted to nicotine now and it’s worse than drugs. And I have an addiction to sweets as well.”

Wait! What? Ranbir is a chain smoker?

Fun fact, in 2012, Ranbir took a vow to quit smoking if his film ‘Barfi!’ became a hit. Although he kept his word, he wasn’t able to sustain his decision for long and resumed smoking a year later.

Earlier, in a conversation with a popular magazine, the actor had said, "Cinema is a visual medium and I have to look after myself. I have seen it in my family, I have seen it go the wrong way; so I’m aware I have a drinking problem. When I shoot, when I work, I don’t drink. But when I’m not shooting, I tend to."

Ranbir seems to have many ugly habits that he's not been able to let go of.

Habits die hard, Ranbir. Without a doubt, Alia Bhatt is one of your good ones.