Nobody Rapes Anyone In This Film Industry: Rakhi Sawant On Casting Couch In Bollywood!

Nobody Rapes Anyone In This Film Industry: Rakhi Sawant On Casting Couch In Bollywood!

With many people looking up to Bollywood for fame and money, casting couch in the film industry has always been a sensitive topic to comment on. Recently, Saroj Khan disappointed the country with her comment on the practice, but she later realised the impact of her words and apologised for it, saying she wasn't supporting casting couch. 

In the ongoing debate of casting couch in Bollywood, Rakhi Sawant is the latest celebrity to contribute her two bits. Surprisingly, the model-turned-actress backed the veteran choreographer Saroj Khan's statement on the casting couch. Rakhi shared that she also had to face casting couch during the days she was trying to find her footing. She also agreed that casting couch exists in the film industry, much like in other industries, but in Bollywood, it's voluntary as "nobody rapes anyone". She, then revealed that she's known girls who would throw themselves at producers to get work in the industry, so she believes, producers shouldn't be blamed. 

rakhi sawant at an event

Image Source: Rakhi Sawant on Instagram

As reported by IANS, Rakhi said, "Nobody rapes anyone in this film industry. It’s all consensual and voluntary. In this, I fully support Saroj ji. At least she has spoken her mind and let the world know the truth. People in Bollywood don’t speak out the truth about the casting couch although it is happening right here in front of their eyes. They feel they are making their way up why should they bother with what’s happening around them? I really admire Saroj ji for letting the world know the reality that they have to face every day. Saroj ji has seen what goes here. I totally agree with her." 

"Young girls are willing to make any compromise to get going in their career. Aaj kal to ladkiyan kehti hain, 'Kuch bhi kar lo, mujhe kaam de do'. Iss mein producer ki kya ghalti hai? Saroj ji is not wrong. A lot of girls come in the film industry to become heroines but become something else… you understand what I am saying? Call it destiny or what you will," she added.

She advised the newcomers to keep faith in their talent, to not lose hope and to not give in the temptation of shortcuts. "I’ve seen so many girls throw themselves at producers. This is not good. I don’t want to take any names. Lekin aisa hota hai. It shouldn’t be so. Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra are superstars because of their hard work and not for any other reason. The ones who take the shortcut end up on a different track altogether. Don’t do this to yourself. And don’t blame producers for taking what you have to offer," she said.

Rakhi went on and gave her own example. She shared that when she was struggling, she faced the same but according to her statement, she didn't give in because she had talent and she learnt to say no.

Let's make one thing very clear. No Rakhi Sawant or Saroj Khan can justify an 'age-old practice' which involves a powerful section of the society harassing and taking advantage of aspiring actors and actresses, because let's be honest, casting couch happens to BOTH men and women. 

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