Rakhi Sawant's Husband To Enter The Bigg Boss House & We Can't Wait For The Big Reveal!

Rakhi Sawant's Husband To Enter The Bigg Boss House & We Can't Wait For The Big Reveal!

We've all heard of Rakhi Sawant's mystery man (read: husband) but we still haven't gotten even a glimpse of him. While there have been a lot of speculations around the Bigg Boss 14 contestant's marriage and relationship, we've all seen how much she claims to miss her husband. Well, looks like we’ll finally get to meet Mr Hubby after all! 

Yepp, you read that right! Speaking to Times of India, Ritesh has revealed that he will be entering Bigg Boss house very soon! Rakhi’s husband is already in talks with the makers and has reportedly expressed his desire to be a part of the show to support his wifey. 

"I will go as a contestant, I have requested the makers. I want to go inside as her support. I feel Rakhi has come into my life as a blessing and she is a very good person," he told TOI. Ritesh, who until now had refused to come in front of the camera has now confirmed his availability for January and is expecting to enter the house by mid-week. A few reports even suggested that the Bigg Boss team wanted him to enter the house during Christmas but he could not do so due to his work. While he awaits confirmation from the makers of the show, we await to see who this person really is!  

For those uninitiated, there have been several rumours regarding Rakhi Sawant's sudden marriage that has been termed a publicity stunt by numerous. However, the Bigg Boss contestant refutes all these talks and claims that her marriage is very much real and that her husband does not wish to reveal his identity. With all the ongoing controversies, Rakhi's husband has not only started speaking up in her support but is also ready to reveal himself for her sake!


While speaking about her wedding on Bigg Boss, Rakhi revealed that she’s been married thrice. During a conversation about Ritesh with Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla, Rakhi had said, "Maine inko bola haath jodke ki bohot bade show mein jaa rahi hoon. Ho sake toh ek baar aa jaana. Kuch toh karo, meri izzat toh rakho." 

Well, looks like things are finally set to change for Rakhi with her husband joining her in the Bigg Boss house. We just can't wait to see who Ritesh is after all! What about you?

Feature Image: Instagram