Rahul Gandhi Wore A Jacket Worth Rs 63,000 & BJP Took A Dig At Him!

Rahul Gandhi Wore A Jacket Worth Rs 63,000 & BJP Took A Dig At Him!

Rahul Gandhi, Congress president and one of the funniest politicians by default is in news again and this time, it’s because of a jacket he wore at an event in Meghalaya on Wednesday. He was attending a concert in Shillong, apparently to reach out to young voters. Not just any jacket, he was wearing a jacket from British luxury brand, Burberry in black with the brands signature check print.

BJP Meghalaya unit tweeted a picture of Rahul Gandhi wearing the jacket, which it claimed was a Burberry original, along with a statement, “So, soot (pun intended) boot ki sarkar with 'black' money fleeced from Meghalayan state exchequer by rampant corruption? Instead of singing away our woes, you could have given a report card of your inefficient government in Meghalaya. Your indifference mocks us.” It also tweeted an image of a Burberry jacket, similar to the one that Rahul wore, with a price tag of $995 (Rs 63,000 approximately).

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Who would have thought wearing a jacket you like could get you into trouble but it can when you are Rahul Gandhi. Plus when you mock Prime Minister, Narendra Modi for wearing a suit with his name embroidered on it in gold, you can expect similar backlash. PM Modi wore the suit for a meeting with Former US President Barack Obama, to which, Rahul Gandhi’s comment was “soot boot ki sarkar.”

Rahul tried to dismiss the controversy by claiming that the jacket was a gift. But when the government is trying to push forward the "Make In India" campaign, a prominent Indian politician not wearing Indian wear is not very inspiring and may not be received well by the public!

Moving away from the controversy, if you actually liked the Burberry Hartley Convertible Down Jacket, you can buy it here.

Featured Image: INC India