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After ‘Dear Zindagi’, Here’s Shah Rukh’s NEW Avatar In ‘Raees’!

After ‘Dear Zindagi’, Here’s Shah Rukh’s NEW Avatar In ‘Raees’!

Gone is Dr Jehangir Khan. The man you're glad is not actually your shrink, because you'd fall at least a little bit in love with him for sure, and that would lead to a whole host of other complications. Enter, instead, SRK as you remember him from years ago - the dashing, devastating anti-hero, the amoral, villainous man whom you just can't resist anyway. Set to release on 25th January, Raees features Shah Rukh Khan as Raees - a short-tempered, gun-slinging gunda from Gujarat, with the ever-brilliant Nawazuddin Siddiqui as his policeman nemesis. This fast-paced, gripping trailer will have you at the edge of your seats as you wonder how the chase between these two will unfold. Watch the Raees trailer now - and tell us if you're as excited about this new Bollywood drama as we are!
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Published on Dec 7, 2016
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