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11 Quotes On Friendship That'll Make You Want To Call Your Bestie Immediately!

11 Quotes On Friendship That'll Make You Want To Call Your Bestie Immediately!

Who is the Joey to your Chandler?

Your BFF is the first person you call when you have a good news to share. The one who brings you tissues and chocolate ice cream when you break up with someone. The one who knows those things about you that even your parents don't. You can be your crazy self with your best friends, no judgments, and they will tell you honestly when you're being too stubborn. 

This Friendship Day, we are celebrating friendships that come without any conditions. These quotes from famous TV shows and movies will make you want to hug your bestie and say, "Thank you for being weird with me."

1. Your soulmates

friendship quotes12

2. I'd melt for you!

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3. Sisters before misters!

friendship quotes10

4. Can't go a day without you

friendship quotes1

5. That's what friends do

friendship quotes11

6. And I've got a friend in you

friendship quotes2

7. "She's my person."

friendship quotes8

8. Just you and me, two weirdos

friendship quotes5

9. She's my friend, okay!

friendship quotes9

10. In friends, we trust

friendship quotes3

11. I like you

friendship quotes7

12. Your friends love you for you

 friendship quotes6

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Published on Aug 5, 2018
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