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10 Moving Quotes To Remind You The World Is A Better Place When We Have Equal Rights

10 Moving Quotes To Remind You The World Is A Better Place When We Have Equal Rights

What does freedom feel like? Ask the community that has been fighting for respect and acceptance for 158 years in our country. The thought of being judged all the time and not being able to live freely is haunting. However, thanks to the Supreme Court's historic judgment, after many years of perseverance, the LGBTQ community in India is finally breathing in the air of freedom. While we may take our freedom on this land for granted at times, this decision, is a huge victory for our country and for the ones we love. It represents humanity and maturity; it represents love; it represents years of struggle and fights and these quotes on equal rights are a reminder of the same.  

1. Everyone is worthy!

1 equal rights quotes

2. Treat everyone as equals

2 equal rights quotes

3. The days are here!

3 equal rights quotes

4. The truth is...

4 equal rights quotes

5. We're all in this together!

5 equal rights quotes

6. Being yourself is like oxygen

6 equal rights quotes

7. Such is the power of equality

7 equal rights quotes

8. Nature welcomes and accepts all!

8 equal rights quotes

9. The fact is that...

9 equal rights quotes

10. 'Caring' is all it takes!

10 equal rights quotes

On this landmark victory, we congratulate all the members of LGBTQ community! 

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