#Contouring101: Quick And Easy Steps To Ace That Nose Contour

#Contouring101: Quick And Easy Steps To Ace That Nose Contour

Always wanted to learn the elusive art of nose contouring? It's your lucky day cause we've got a simple and easy guide that you can follow.

But first, we want to remind you that you're gorgeous -- just the way you are. Nose contouring is just a makeup trend. You don't need to make your nose appear smaller. But if you love yourself some Instagram-friendly makeup, you can give it a shot. And if you've been struggling to get your nose contour right, your digital besties are here to save the day!

So, who's in for a Kardashian-approved makeup tutorial? We totes are!


Here's a step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to contour your nose, like a pro!

Step One: Choose The Correct Contour Products

While contouring with a bronzer gets the job done- we would suggest using a contour shade with a more ashy aka greyish undertone so that it can mimic the shadows on your face. Bronzers have a warm undertone and don't necessarily work for all skin tones.



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Step Two: Draw Dots On Each Side Of The Nose

We know that in tutorials, they say that you've to draw lines on the sides of your nose but we suggest that you draw dots on either side of your nose vertically and then join them together with a brush. This will not look overdrawn and harsh but will give you a softer and more seamless nose contour.


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Step Three: Don't Forget The Tip

When you want to make your nose look more sculpted the trick is to add just a tiny amount to the tip of your nose. One thing to note is that a contour is not the same as adding colour and tan to your face but about exaggerating the shadows so make sure no redness or lines are visible. 


Contour Stick - Coco Focus

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Step 4: Blend It All Well

If you're using a cream contour stick be sure that you go over it with a contour powder lightly to just set it in place. Use a beauty sponge to lightly dab the product so that it blends well with the rest of your makeup. The key to acing your nose contour is to make it visible but also natural and effortless. 

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Looking for a visual guide? Check out this tutorial!

BRB, going to give this a shot! 

Featured Image: Instagram