Failed Feelings: Drake's #KikiChallenge Is Not Meant For Indian Roads!

Failed Feelings: Drake's #KikiChallenge Is Not Meant For Indian Roads!

A viral dance challenge has taken over the internet and it has got people in their 'feelings'. They are jumping out of the car while dancing to the Canadian rapper, Drake's new song, In My Feelings. As soon as the album released, this infectious song started getting into people's head and then, boom! All of a sudden it became a challenge with popular hashtags #KikiChallenge and #ShiggyChallenge. 

You'll find millions of dance videos by people, from around the world under those two hashtags. But, what you will also find are the hilarious 'fails'. People falling while walking and dancing on the footpath or hitting their heads against a rod. Ouch! That doesn't sound worth the risk, eh?

That's what Mumbai Police also thinks. Mumbai Police tweeted a legit video warning for everyone in the country to be safe and not risk their lives for a dance challenge.

If you still think you want to be a part of this challenge, you must watch this again!


Me trying to get thru this week 😂😂😂⚰️ #dammitkiki #inmyfeelingschallenge

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As much as it may look cool, it can go horribly wrong as well! Here are some more from the country and I'll be worried for anyone who tries to do it after watching these snips. I mean, jumping around and dancing in the middle of the road with potholes at a risk of an accident is not worth it. 

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Hollywood stars like Will Smith and others who are doing the challenge are promoting safety as well. Check out Will Smith's post here:

You need to check out this post by Shay Mitchell before you risk your life or your car!

Countries like Egypt, Spain and Dubai have already banned the challenge for violating traffic rules, according to a travel website.

We hope young Indians understand and abstain from breaking the traffic rules too. So be safe, be wise and please don't crash into something!

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