9 Guys Reveal... What They *Really* Thought Before Proposing!

9 Guys Reveal... What They *Really* Thought Before Proposing!
Every girl dreams of a perfect wedding proposal. We all wonder how it is going to be... What will he do? What will he say? How will it all happen? And so much more... But girls, have you ever wondered what goes inside a guy’s head before he proposes to the one he loves? Never, right? Well, we have a little something for you. A few guys on Whisper revealed how they felt before proposing to their girlfriends. Their confessions are super sweet and sometimes, it’s important that we hear their side of the story too. So here, read on and find out how they felt about proposing marriage...

1. Girls, if your guy sells his Xbox for you, marry him.

proposing marriage

2. Wow! A themed proposal and that too a Harry Potter one - this is so lovely!

2 propose

3. When there are butterflies in your stomach and you just can’t wait anymore...

3 propose

4. This is so intense and romantic!

4 propose

5. Haha! Just pour your heart out and she’ll understand.

5 propose

6. Because nothing can stop true love <3

proposing marriage

7. Well, when he has the jitters…

7 propose

8. Aww! This is so sweet.

8 propose

9. Diamonds don’t matter, feelings do.

proposing marriage You can read the full thread here. OMG! These were definitely the sweetest confessions we’ve read by far. Images: Whisper