Summer Chic: Priyanka Chopra Gives You Five Days Of Buns!

Summer Chic: Priyanka Chopra Gives You Five Days Of Buns!


You know what my biggest issue is during the week? Apart from, of course, getting out of bed, putting on clothes and going to get my drift. It's what to do with my hair. Now wait a minute, usually, I just let the hair Gods (and my hair follicles) dictate my fate, but summers are especially hard on my hair. Letting my hair down stops becoming a lucrative option and somehow ponytails get old after a few weeks. 

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Enter Priyanka Chopra, who I think is also feelin' the heat because she's been sporting bun hairstyles A LOT! Consider this as your hairstyle journal for next week. 

Natural Mondays

1 priyanka chopra instagram bun hairstyle natural hair snow days

The blues are real Y'all. You probably crawled out of bed and managed to put on civilised clothing. Your hair is freshly washed and obviously, patience runs a little thin on a Monday morning. So what do we do? We let our natural hair take precedence. Just tie your hair in a regular bun as you would and let it be a little messy with a few wisps around your face. Nobody is expecting structure from you on a Monday morning. This bun is ideal if you've just washed your hair. It lets your hair dry in a supernatural wave that can be used for your post work pizza scenes. 

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Out Of The Face Tuesdays

2 priyanka chopra instagram bun hairstyle natural hair snow days

It still feels like Monday but you are now getting into the groove. This is my favourite bun look because it looks put together, structures but it also takes minimal effort. Just tease your crown ever so slightly, then gather your hair into a ponytail and wrap it around itself to create a bun. If you have a little more time use bobby pins for a more sleek look. Just spray some hairspray on a toothbrush and run it over your flyaways and baby hair. 

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Wispy Wednesdays

3 priyanka chopra instagram bun hairstyle natural hair snow days

Yep, you're all settled into the week. I think it's time you put in a little more effort don't you think? Gather your hair in a low bun, a couple of inches above your nape and secure it with bobby pins. Do this while you leave about 2-inch sections at your crown on each side of your parting. Take a curling wand and curl the sections of your crown away from your face. Run your fingers through the curls for a gentle wave. 

POPxo recommends: Vega Ease Curl VHCH-01 Hair Curler, Rs 1,399

Messy Ballerina Thursdays

4 a priyanka chopra instagram bun hairstyle natural hair snow days

Okay, your hair might be a little greasy today. Nothing a generous spritz of dry shampoo can't solve, amirite? After you douse your roots with dry shampoo and give them a good shake to ensure no residue, just lightly brush through your hair to ensure there aren't any knots. This hairstyle looks best when it looks like you've finger-combed through your hair. Gather all of your hair in a ponytail at mid-length from your nape. Then take a small doughnut bun maker and pass your ponytail through it. Wrap the rest of your hair around it so the doughnut is completely concealed and secure with a clear elastic. Then, just pin the ends behind the bun. Don't worry about being precise here, it looks better the messier it is. Use hairspray to tame baby hair and you're good to go!

POPxo recommends: Elite Models (France) Fashion Hair Donut Bun Maker - Black, Rs 399

Knotty Fridays

5 priyanka chopra instagram bun hairstyle natural hair snow days

Yep! We started at the bottom and now we're here! There's NOTHING like a sultry romantic top knot, it screams Friday! WHATEVER your plan might be, date night or a night out dancing with the girls or even a movie date by yourself, a top knot takes you from day to night with no effort. Flip your hair upside down and gather it at the highest point of your head. Wrap the ends around the base where you're holding the hair to create a top knot. I suggest you use bobby pins if you have some plans after work, or you can just stick to a hair tie. Take a few strands out to frame your face and a few to make the top knot a little messy and you're done with your week!

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Well, it's time to let your hair down now, LITERALLY!

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