Priyanka Chopra’s Psychedelic Print Suit Is Making Us *Trip* Super Hard

Priyanka Chopra’s Psychedelic Print Suit Is Making Us *Trip* Super Hard

It's barely been a minute since we spotted Priyanka Chopra in her magical, swan-like bridal shower dress... and here we are again! 

PeeCee went from 'demure' to 'da boss' in no time. Just yesterday, the international star strutted into Tiffany & Co in the most dreamy white dress for an unbeatable bridal shower. And today, Priyanka has her game face on in a bold, psychedelic-print pantsuit by Anna Sui. 

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Image source: pagesix on Instagram


Image source: pagesix on Instagram

Chopra walked out of Four Seasons in this technicolour ensemble, and we're pretty sure woke up a few pedestrians on the streets. With an abstract, entrancing print in red, pink, violet, blue, and black, this pantsuit is definitely NSFW. We LOVE it!

Lately, we've been on a hunt for off-beat, larger-than-life prints that are a bit outrageous... autumn is the ideal season to give them a shot. Take it from our dear PeeCee herself. 

The soon-to-be bride is a mood, walking about NYC, in this funky chic look. Here are Chopra's outfit deets:


Image source: on Instagram

The Bollywood actress wore a double-breasted jacket with buttons and matching flared pants. 


Image source: on Instagram

Coordinating with the suit, Priyanka also worked violet pointed-toe booties, which we're wish-listing RN. Also going on the list is her adorable yet super stylish mini bag, which also matches the black in the suit. 


Image source: on Instagram

When PeeCee walked out of her hotel, she had retro style sunnies on, which she later replaced for these square-shaped classics. We've noticed Priyanka Chopra does this a lot - swapping sunglasses mid-day... not a bad hack, is it?

Moving on to her jewellery, Chopra stuck with a delicate, layered necklace and small hoop earrings. When your suit print hits max on the psychedelic scale, you don't need much else - point to be noted.

Now, that we're done with the outfit deets, BRB. We need to stop tripping and snap back to reality. 

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