Priyanka Chopra Served The Most Chic Waist-Up Look Ever & BRB, Gettin' It Before It's Gone

Priyanka Chopra Served The Most Chic Waist-Up Look Ever & BRB, Gettin' It Before It's Gone

It's almost been a year of Zoom calls and virtual hangouts and if there has been one sartorial takeaway from it, it's getting the waist-up dressing right. A crisp, formal separate on top teamed with pyjamas, you get the drift, right? We have all been there and in this regard, celebrities are no different. Ask Priyanka Chopra, who has been serving one on-point waist-up look after the other. We mean REALLY serving!

Waist-Up Dressing, Courtesy Priyanka Chopra

Not surprising, considering the actress is currently on a virtual tour of her upcoming memoir, titled Unfinished, where decking up is just part of the process. As for us, we are taking cues from her latest look. Scroll down to know all about it. 

Chic Does It


In a picture shared on Instagram, Priyanka Chopra made a statement in super chic formals that were a far cry from the run-of-the-mill versions. Opting for a solid blue colour for her look, the actress ditched prints and patterns as she wore a crisp button-down with details to spare. Comprising the classic shirt collar and overlapping pocket flaps, it made for a striking pick to stand out in any virtual session. 

An ideal route for minimalists and maximalist alike, adding some solid colour to your wardrobe could never backfire. Team with your go-to formal trousers or the printed version that it could pair well with; nothing is off the cards! We picked out some similar blue-hued options for you to add to your wardrobe. Trust us, getting ready for those Zoom calls doesn't get as easy and striking as this!


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And The Jewellery (+Makeup)!

The actress's waist-up look also incorporated some classic jewellery choices that gave way to an overall stellar look. A pair of hoops—which could very well be the holy grail of accessories—were accompanied with a wide bracelet and a ring, all of them featuring the same metallic tone. For this particular appearance, the actress chose to tie her hair up in a bun while on the makeup front, a matte lip colour, defined brows and a swipe of eyeliner rounded it all up perfectly. 

Can't wait to recreate Priyanka Chopra's recent look for all those Zoom meetings? We already got all the must-haves you would require, ranging from jewellery to makeup finds. You are welcome!


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