9 Lessons From Priyanka Chopra On Being A Woman That Will Empower You

9 Lessons From Priyanka Chopra On Being A Woman That Will Empower You

One of the many things that we are proud of Priyanka Chopra for is that she always speaks her mind. Her oration is always affirmative, fearless and empowering. Recently, Pee Cee was at 2017 The Marie Claire Power Trip where she opened up about issues of sexual harassment at work and power dynamics between genders. At a time when social media is abuzz with the ‘MeToo’ campaign, Pee Cee made some strong points about the challenges of being a woman. Here are some of the highlights from the interview that’ll make every girl say ‘so true’. Read on to find what she said:     

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1. On inspiration for her foundation

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‘I asked my housekeeper why doesn’t her daughter go to school? She said she can’t afford to send all the kids to school so she’s only sending the boys because girls are going to get married anyway and that’s a waste of money. The investment into our girl children is so important because that’s the future of tomorrow.’

2. On being bullied at high school in United States

‘Being south Asian comes with a baggage of the way we speak, the food we eat and how misunderstood we are. I used to be told - you smell of curry, go back on the elephant you came on.’

3. On power dynamics between a big male producer and a young female actress

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‘How many of us have experienced sexual harassment at work? Almost all of us, right? It’s not just about sexuality or sex, it’s about power. It’s about feeling powerful and putting a woman in her ‘place’ because that’s what makes the other person feel powerful.’

4. On survival of the fittest for women

‘Since so many years we have been told only one of us will survive, only the best girl will marry the best guy but that’s not true. We can have everything and that’s what we need to teach our daughters going forward.’  

5. On backlash about whosoever speaks up

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‘The easiest thing to take away from a  woman is her work. If she doesn’t compromise in whatever way, she is always threatened. We feel completely afraid and alone. We feel that our dreams will be shattered because the big boys club won’t let me have it. It’s incredible to see so many women coming along. Me Too, I stand by you.’

6. On sexual harassment at work

‘I don’t think there’s only A Harvey Weinstein. There are Harvey Weinsteins all over. It’s the power of a man trying to take away a woman’s power.’

7. On women and strength

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‘There is a strength in femininity. For years women have been told that women gotta be tough to be taken seriously and tough means don’t waste your time on vanity, lipstick is a waste of time. Of course it’s important to me. That doesn’t take from my intellect, strength or ability. So what if I’m in heels? We’ve been told that femininity is our weakness but it’s so not. The fact that we’re vulnerable, we can feel emotions, we are compassionate and at the same time tough - this is our strength and this is the strength only women have.’

8. On overcoming fear

‘If my movie doesn’t work, I would probably get into my blanket, eat a tub of ice cream and be that girl who cries a lot and it’s okay. Next day I tell myself that it happened and now it won’t. I don’t repeat my mistakes- that’s my way of getting over failures.’

9. On things she hasn’t done yet but wants to do

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‘There are so many opportunities in the world that have been untapped for not just me but so many women in general. There is so many things that I wanna do - being a mom is definitely on the top of my list!’

Priyanka Chopra is truly more than a pretty face. Having put herself firmly on the world map, any message from her is sure to make people, specially girls sit up and take notice. All we want to do is thank her for her constant endeavours to empower and inspire women across the world. Way to go Pee Cee.  

You can watch the full interview here.