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Priyanka Chopra Was Totally Freaked Out On This Show & You'd Be Too!

Priyanka Chopra Was Totally Freaked Out On This Show & You'd Be Too!

Priyanka Chopra is busy promoting the third season of her popular TV show on ABC, Quantico. Priyanka appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for the same. She has made an appearance on the show in the past as well and not to forget, it was a fun episode. This time, everyone on the show including Priyanka Chopra was freaked out. In fact, Jimmy Fallon's hands were almost shaking, all thanks to magician David Blaine's cringe-worthy magic tricks. 

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If you are wondering why would a magic trick freak people out then let us clarify that it wasn't the trick that freaked the stars out, it was the way David decided to do it. The card trick he did was actually amazing. It wasn't just a normal card trick, which is apparently too simple for the most popular magician of the country, he also sewed his lips with a needle and thread thrice. And of course, Priyanka kept repeating that there's blood on the thread while filming David's trick. Jimmy Fallon, Questlove and his Roots bandmate Black Thought completely lost it. Yes, it was on-the-edge kind of magic. David pulled a lot of things out of his mouth at the end of the tricks, you must watch the video till the end to know and well, feel the rush. 

P.S. Don't miss her badass signature bun just because she looks freaked out!  

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Apart from that, PC had a lot of fun and challenged Jimmy in something easy-peezy so he had a chance to win. They both decided to eat and chew ten Skittles together, whoever finishes first would win and we must say, they really seem to like Skittles but did Jimmy win? Check it out. 

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This was Priyanka’s fourth appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The last time she played Holi on the show with the host. On the Bollywood front, she will next be seen in Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat opposite Salman Khan.

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Published on Apr 27, 2018
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