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Priyanka Chopra Reveals... Phone Sex & Other *Naughty* Secrets!

Priyanka Chopra Reveals... Phone Sex & Other *Naughty* Secrets!

Priyanka Chopra just won the People’s Choice Award, and now she will be seen in the next episode of Koffee With Karan which is all set to air this Sunday. The teasers of the next episode came out on Hotstar and PeeCee spilled some naughty secrets - you just can’t afford to miss everything that she revealed. Here are some fun moments from the teasers that’ll make you want to watch the full episode ASAP!

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1. Is she single? Is she committed? Her actual relationship status is...

Priyanka Chopra: People write what they write, they’re gonna write what they believe. When there’s a ring on the finger, the world will know. I believe you’re single till you’re married. 1 priyanka chopra

2. Flirting in Bollywood vs flirting in Hollywood...

Karan Johar: Is there a similar approach where it comes to male attention? Priyanka Chopra: The boys here are a little cautious. There it’s straight up, ‘I’m free tomorrow night, I’m in New York, let’s go for dinner’. Karan Johar: Oh! Priyanka Chopra: Na jaan, na pehchaan, akele? Itni forward nahi hun main. 2 priyanka chopra

3. And Priyanka’s, um, tube-light moment in the #KoffeeQuiz...

Karan Johar: Name three Mughal emperors? Priyanka Chopra: Arey baba… Karan Johar: Name three Marathi words? Priyanka Chopra: Urmm… Hahahahaha… Karan Johar: Name three prime ministers of India? Priyanka Chopra: Hahahaha… 3 priyanka chopra Karan Johar also did a fun session with her called ‘Coffee Shots with Karan’, which is basically a ‘Never have I ever’ kinda game. Both Karan and Priyanka had to swig a shot of coffee if they had done something. Here are some of the secrets that Priyanka is spilling during this round...

4. PeeCee has been there, done that!

Karan Johar: Kissed an ex after you broke up? Priyanka Chopra: *Takes a swig* 4 priyanka chopra

5. She hated to admit, but she has done THIS too!

Karan Johar: Taken a shower with your partner? Priyanka Chopra: *Takes a swig* 5 priyanka chopra

6. Oh, and she doesn’t want her mom to find out her secrets...

Karan Johar: Had phone sex? Priyanka Chopra: My mother better not watch this show! *Takes a swig* 6 priyanka chopra You can watch the teasers here and here on Hotstar. OMG! How many of you can’t wait to watch the full episode?
Published on Jan 20, 2017
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