Shame! Priyanka Chopra Flouts Lockdown Rules In London, Gets Police Warning

Shame! Priyanka Chopra Flouts Lockdown Rules In London, Gets Police Warning

So it is 2021 and contrary to all our "new year, new world" fantasies the coronavirus pandemic very much persists. To make the situation worse, we, in fact, have a new COVID-19 strain now. And as much as we are done with all the COVID-19 protocols, social distancing, curfew-limits, and shiz, there's no way that we can do away with them at the moment. After all, there are only a few things that you can prioritise above life, both yours and that of others, right? Well, nahhhh because it seems like human contempt for protocols reins numero uno right now, with Bollywood celebs currently taking the cake in this department. 

Seriously, from going for New Year getaways to throwing big fat weddings, these celebs are legit acting like the pandemic is long over and are setting terrible examples in privilege.

Now, guess, who's the latest "rebel" on the block? Priyanka Chopra! She was recently spotted flouting lockdown rules in London, the same city which is under a lockdown for the fast-spreading mutated strain of COVID-19. 

Must have been some emergency one would assume but nope, the outing was as trivial as it could get. As per reports, the actress was seen visiting a salon with her mother and dog while celebrity stylist Josh Wood was already available for her service at a London salon. As per the London lockdown regulations, ‘personal care services’ like spas and salons have been directed to stay shut and it was a clear breach of the same. Consequently, as soon as Priyanka was spotted at the salon, the police were alerted about it and they immediately arrived at the place to give a warning to the salon owner. 

“Police were alerted at around 17:40hrs on Wednesday, 6 January to reports of a Covid breach taking place within a hairdressers on Lansdowne Mews, Notting Hill. Officers attended and the owner of the salon was given a verbal reminder of the important need to comply with all regulations regarding Covid-19 and signposted to other sources of advice. No fixed penalty notices were issued," shared a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police with Metro,UK. 


Meanwhile in India, Aamir Khan was spotted playing cricket with kids on Mumbai streets. And as sweet as the gesture might have been, we'd really like to get in touch with the actor and discourse on the whereabouts of his mask. 

Sadly, these two are the people who like to identify on the socially woke side of the celeb spectrum. Talk about setting an example Bollywood! We are disappointed, to say the least. 

Featured Image: Instagram