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Shhh... Nick Jonas Wasn't The Only *Sexy* Thing Priyanka Was Flaunting On Her Date!

Shhh... Nick Jonas Wasn't The Only *Sexy* Thing Priyanka Was Flaunting On Her Date!

After their engagement in Mumbai, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were on their first date as a betrothed couple and PeeCee was spotted walking hand-in-hand with her fiance. In case you missed it before, Nick wasn't the only sexy thing she was flaunting in the streets of LA. Priyanka has a little secret that she shares with Victoria and now we know it too!

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1 priyanak chopra bra - black bra by victoria's secret

What was supposed to be a romantic brunch date turned into a ramp for a Victoria's Secret show, thanks to PeeCee and the sneaky black bra she modelled in.

3 priyanka chopra bra - gucci handbag

With a Gucci handbag and black heeled mules, Priyanka paired her blue frayed hem jeans with a not-so-ordinary black top and made it look even more #Boss with a Victoria's Secret bra. Here, have a closer look at it.

2 priyanka chopra - victoria's secret bra

Just a sneak peek of the stylish bra from her semi-sheer deep V-neck top was all the statement she needed to make heads turn. Who needs a necklace when your bra is so glam, am I right?

Want one too, don't you? We found her exact same bra for you and you're welcome, ladies! Here you go.

Sexy Illusions By Victoria's Secret 

4 priyanka chopra bra - lightly lined black bra

Get your hands on this Lightly Lined Wireless Bra (Rs 5,080) right now!

And don't you dare save it for special date nights. Date days won't look too bad in these babies either *wink wink*!

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Published on Aug 28, 2018
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