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We've Got You Priya Varrier Memes That You Might Have Missed

We've Got You Priya Varrier Memes That You Might Have Missed

Priya Varrier AKA the winking girl is the latest internet sensation and rightly so! The viral teaser of Oru Adaar Love put Priya on the map overnight and since then, she's been flooding our social media feeds. Priya Prakash Varrier and Roshan Abdul make an adorable high school romance come to life in the teaser, which explains why the scene spread like wildfire.

Like everything that spreads like wildfire on the internet, Priya Varrier's wink and gunshot have also given us some rather impressive memes. And we know it's only February but by the time this year comes to an end, Priya Varrier will go down in meme history and how! While there have been countless ones, here are a few that caught our eye. P.S. Amul wins hands down. 

1. Utterly Delicious 


Amul at its very best in creativity.. #marketingmind #amul

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2. Babu Rao Is Eternal

3. She's Quite The Riot

4. 'Watch Till The End'

5. I Feel Guilty For Laughing At This One

6. Ahem Ahem


Side effects 😂😂 #priyaprakashvarrier #lovequotes

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That's all folks!

Published on Feb 19, 2018
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