Move Aside Priya Varrier, And Make Way For The Boy Who Blushed And Winked Back!

Move Aside Priya Varrier, And Make Way For The Boy Who Blushed And Winked Back!

Priya Varrier is still trending on all our feeds, and even if you don't watch South films, you now know about her and the wink that has sent politicians and social media addicts equally into a frenzy.

Ever since Priya's wink blazed across the internet, making her a viral sensation overnight, there have been memes, tweets, and really intense photoshop battles to declare her the national crush, right in time for Valentine's Day. The obsession is real!

But in the midst of all this professed love for Priya, aren't we all forgetting the handsome guy who was the reason for the wink, in the first place?

World, meet Roshan Abdul Rahoof - the cute and equally heart-flutter inducing crush that can make a lot of girls weak in the knees.

It's safe to say that Priya isn't the only one who's amassed a staggering amount of followers overnight! If there are boys swooning over her charm, there are girls going gaga over Roshan's heart-melting expressions too!

1. Waah!

2. To each his own, eh?

3. Look what you made them do, Roshan!

4. They both are, duh!

With more than 512k followers, the 19-year-old actor is soaring high on his newfound fame and took to Instagram to thank his fan base for showing him their love and support. He also thanked the director, Omar Lulu, for being the "man behind that magical scene" that we're all in love with.


The man behind that magical scene ❤️ @omar_lulu_ #oruadaarlove

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And of course, we can see why his Instagram has blown up, too. Take a look at how he's giving so many teenage girls the butterflies they can't shake off!

And he loves being an absolute goofball with his siblings too!

There there, girls. We get what's getting your hearts all a-flutter!