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Prince Harry Went To A Wedding With A Hole In His *Left* Shoe... But It Feels So *Right*!

Prince Harry Went To A Wedding With A Hole In His *Left* Shoe... But It Feels So *Right*!

Remember that time you were getting dressed for a big wedding and suddenly realised you had a hole in the bottom of your shoe... but wore it anyway 'cause who's going to look at the bottom of your measly shoe in the middle of the wedding? 

Well, Prince Harry probably thought the same and poor him, he got caught. Over the weekend, the royal Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry's childhood friend Charlie van Straubenzee and videographer Daisy Jenks. 

prince harry meghan markle hole in shoe

The royal couple were decked up in impeccably tailored outfits - Meghan looked as chic as always in a Club Monaco dress, Philip Treacy feathered hat and stunning slingback pumps...

prince harry wedding hole in shoe

And Prince Harry put on a dapper getup fit for the Best Man as well. He chose a long-tail coat layered over a smart double-breasted vest, white shirt and striped pants and fine leather shoes. 

prince harry wedding hole in shoe 2.

However, his finely polished left shoe had a big hole right in the middle. It was only the top layer so, there seems to be zero sock visible (to a fashion girl like me, though, the royal sock drawer is a matter of interest). 

Despite, people blowing their tops off about a hole in a Prince's shoe, we want to say it like it is. Anything that makes us feel closer to the dreamy Duke of Sussex is always good, never bad. He's cuter now that I know he has a hole in his shoe. Also because he's worn the same holed-up shoe before!

prince harry meghan birthday

prince harry meghan's birthday hole in shoe

Yes, Prince Harry is not bothered by petty holes in his shoe and honestly, it is a VERY attractive quality. Maybe the Duchess's realness is rubbing off on him...

If you think this is not very 'royal' of him - What's the problem? He's still dressed to the nines, looks incredible and we feel less like peasants. Now, that's what I call a win-win!

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