Prerna Sharma Kidnapped For The Third Time: Has Ekta Kapoor Run Out Of Dramatic Twists?

Prerna Sharma Kidnapped For The Third Time: Has Ekta Kapoor Run Out Of Dramatic Twists?

Ekta Kapoor and the curious case of Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 continues! I admit that I shied away from watching this drama for a bit because I just couldn't stand the constant denial that Prerna Sharma and Anurag Basu were in. But once the two decided to tie the knot, I was back on board! Especially since one of my childhood crushes, courtesy Dill Mill Gayye, Karan Singh Grover joined the show as Mr Bajaj. 

However, it's sad to say that not much has changed since I paused. Anurag Basu still represents toxic masculinity, Prerna Sharma is unfazed as she continues to get kidnapped (the count is three now) and Mr Bajaj is... nothing more than a sasti Christian Grey copy.

As I plunged into the world of serial kidnappings and infidelity, here are a few questions I couldn't help asking myself!

How Is This Prerna's Third Kidnapping?

Prerna Sharma got kidnapped when she was about to marry Naveen, by Anurag because he thought she was doing the wrong thing. Then Komolika's brother kidnapped her because he wanted to take revenge. And now, for the third time, people are trying to kidnap her! But why? Has Ekta Kapoor run out of twists? Is there nothing else that can happen on the show apart from an abhla naari getting kidnapped on a regular basis? God, this is not a 70s movie but a show getting broadcast in 2019! 

Why Is Everyone Okay With Anurag Treating Prerna Like She's His Property?


I get it, they're in love! But Anurag throws terms like 'you're mine' and something like, tum kisi aur ki nahi ho sakti, so casually is actually toxic! She is an adult with her own opinions, choices and baggage. They might be terrible life choices, but they are hers. Your casual sexism (because it was clearly acceptable when you ditched her for Komolika) and toxic masculinity (how could she ever love someone else?) is not going to make her come back. Go home, Anurag.

Can You Please Give Mr Bajaj A Personality?

Karan Singh Grover, one of the most popular actors from my teenage years, joined this star-studded cast of Kasautii Zindagii Kay and fans expected him to make quite an impact. But, apart from being outrageously evil and refusing to explain his 'wicked' ways, this man has nothing else to offer! He is suave and stylish, agreed but apart from the fact that he took Prerna away from Anurag and married her, this man is merely a very good-looking accessory. Can we please give him a bit more of a personality than just grey hair?

Has Everyone Forgotten Prerna Is Pregnant?

Prerna Sharma, who announced that she was pregnant a few weeks before Holi, is married to someone else now and yet, Anurag has no idea that she is pregnant with his kid! And if you start watching the show now, you wouldn't either. Her baby bump is non-existent and she's too busy getting kidnapped and running away to consider prenatal care.

That's all for today, fingers crossed for a better storyline next week!

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