5 Times The Trailer Of POPxo's Webseries 'Unmarried' Made Us Say, 'That's So Me!'

5 Times The Trailer Of POPxo's Webseries 'Unmarried' Made Us Say, 'That's So Me!'

Everyone reaches a stage in their lives when they're constantly hounded to get married. The status goes from single to #JustUnmarried and life takes a new turn.

Enter Unmarried, POPxo's first-ever web series that focuses on a hard-working 27-year-old entrepreneur Kay, who has no time for shaadi as she’s busy falling in love with her fashion startup. Her friend Abby is struggling to clear the UPSC exam while planning his engagement to the love of his life. Abby’s flatmate Chirag is sweet, simple and never been kissed. His ultimate mission is to find ‘the one’ with the help of his parents.

This story is about these three friends, battling that confused AF phase in their lives where they’re single but the world prefers to call them 'Unmarried.' Their lives are turned upside down as they’re faced head-on with pressures of marriage and everything in between.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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Kay inspires us and in many ways, normalises what we feel every day - about life, work and relationships. There were five times when she and her friends, in the Unmarried trailer, gave us a sense of Deja Vu. Read all the times when Kay, Abby and Chirag made us realise that we're not alone in the game of life!

1. We All Have Loving, Yet Determined Parents 

determined parents popxo unmarried

Our parents have your best interest at heart, but they're determined to get us married, especially if we're on the other side of our 20s. It's difficult to explain to them that we're just not prepared for it yet.

2. We Know That Career Is Important Too 

career is important popxo unmarried

No two girls have the same aim in life, so if you think your career is as important as getting married and having kids, then that's completely okay. Kay is with us on this one.

3. Our Friends Will Always Stand By Our Side 

friends popxo umarried

No matter what goes wrong and the extent to which your world is falling apart, your friends will always be there for you. Kay has three people she can trust blindly: her friends Sahil, Chirag and Abby. Even when they're dealing with their own problems, she knows she can depend on them. You have such people in your life too, don't you?

4. Kuch Toh Log Kahenge...

society popxo unmarried

The Unmarried trailer reiterates what we know at heart: We need to love yourself and not give a damn about what the society thinks of us. 

5. Sometimes, We All Need A Break!

we need a break popxo unmarried

Abby's ragging party with his besties is literally what we crave every day. His lying to his students about his 'meditation break' reminds us of all the days that we've been too hungover to go to work.

Unmarried, POPxo's first-ever webseries in association with Melange By Lifestyle, fashion partner Numero Uno, and dating partner Woo is coming soon.