Team POPxo Shares Things We Wish We Could Tell Our Teachers

Team POPxo Shares Things We Wish We Could Tell Our Teachers

How many times have you looked back to your school or college days and said, "I wish I could go back to those days?" If there's one thing that we all wish we could do is tell our teachers how we feel about the influence they were on us, how they changed our lives and how much we owe to them. Some of us may also want to reveal some secrets or tell them what they did wrong. So, we opened the question out to our team members and this is what they had to say.

1. It was a pleasure proving you wrong...

"I would like to thank my English teacher in high school. Every time she told me that I was a terrible writer and lacked sentence structure, she pushed me harder. I went on to publish my first book at 17 and the look on her face made those rejections worth it. So if I had a chance to talk to her now, I would say, "It was a pleasure proving you wrong." Teachers don't often realise the influence they are on their students, I wish you had been a positive one, instead."

- Akanksha Bhatia, Lifestyle Writer

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2. A little more compassion...

"Dear teachers, I wish you knew how much power you have over a young child's mind. Today, I'm a writer because in 10th grade my English teacher picked up the essay I had scribbled down for my half-yearly exams and said it was one of the best she had read in a long time. But I've also had teachers me who used to make me step out of the assembly line because they felt my skirt was too short and said I did certain things to get attention from the boys. Those subtle hints of slut-shaming when I was 15 have stayed with me till now. I hope all teachers start showing a little more compassion; it'll go a long way in a child's life!"

- Anandita Malhotra, Senior Lifestyle Writer

3. Thank you for making that difference...

"Most of my school teachers thought I didn't talk much because I was overconfident. I wish I could tell them that my school was changed almost every year, so I spent half the year learning the names of fellow kids and teachers in the school. I wish I could tell them that I loved them but I was shy, not overconfident. Interacting too much and making friends was not so much of an option for me. I wish I could tell them that I defended them behind their back when other kids made fun of them, I was just too shy to take my credit and that made all the difference. It made me a more empathetic person who doesn't expect returns in exchange for help and I'm grateful for that."

- Chhavi Porwal, Senior Trending Writer

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4. I will always remember your lessons...

"I had this teacher who taught me Physics in 10th grade, Mrs Kiran Nayak. She was more fond of me as compared to the rest of the class because she used to teach my elder brother and he was one of her favourite students. Last year, I found out that she passed away due to cancer and it broke my heart into a million pieces. I just want to tell her that - Kiran ma'am, you're the only teacher who managed to teach me physics and I'll always remember my lessons with you."

- Sayunkta Jain, Senior Fashion Writer

5. I found my family...

"To all the teachers from school - thank you for treating me like any other kid who did not complete his homework on time that summer. Thank you for punishing me along with all my classmates when we bunked PT session and spent it in the TV room that semester. Thank you for always ensuring that I was a part of every group activity and never let anything else bother my studies that month. Thank you for being there to console me when I missed out on the quiz championships that week. Thank you for being there at the gate when I was back from home distraught and inconsolable that weekend. Thank you for just letting me be me when I lost a parent, but found a family that day."

- Nayan Das, Jr. Branded Content Manager

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