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So Radhe Maa Is Entering The Bigg Boss 14 House & Here's Why We Look Forward To It

So Radhe Maa Is Entering The Bigg Boss 14 House & Here's Why We Look Forward To It

So Fam, the unthinkable has happened. Colors TV recently posted a very interesting promotion video on Instagram and from the looks of it, Radhe Maa would be entering the Bigg Boss house this season. "Barsegi kiski kripa iss shanivaar #BiggBoss ke ghar mein," the video caption reads. We won't lie, the entire idea of Radhe Maa being a part of Bigg Boss 14 is getting us really, really excited! 

Also, as per the media reports, she is the highest-paid contestant in the show this year. She's is reportedly getting paid Rs. 25 lakhs per week to be a part of the show! Now, that's a huge sum and clearly, the makers are expecting to do something worth it. Then again, so are we! Here's why we are looking forward to her Bigg Boss inning:

Because She Is 'Special'

Regarded by her followers as the reincarnation of Goddess Durga, Radhe Maa makes no such claims herself. According to her, she is just a “special” person and deserves to be treated that way. Now, while she is actually used to being treated in a similar manner by her followers, Bigg Boss house is a great equalizer and it would be interesting to watch how Radhe Maa reacts and hold up to this brand new status. 

Will She Make New Bhakts? 

Be it her religious events or TV interviews, Radhe Maa is always seen with at least one of her followers supporting her throughout. In fact, two of her followers, 'Chhoti Maa' and 'Talli Baba' are regarded as her support systems. Thus, it would be kind of interesting to watch the Godwoman going solo in the Bigg Boss house. Will she be able to survive without her followers? Will she make new bhakts to support her in the house? Will she address all the fellow housemates as her children aka “mere bachchon”? These are some questions that have been intriguing us and we’d like to see them answered during the show.

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Her Capacity To Casually Ignore Almost Everything 

If you have watched any of her interviews, you must be aware that Radhe Maa has a certain style to ignore almost every serious question or allegations thrown at her by means of her antics. And the world knows that it is the most coveted character trait when it comes to surviving in the Bigg Boss house: an innate ability to ignore all the triggers whatsoever. Will she ignore the rest of the housemates? Will she also ignore Salman Khan’s tough questions in ‘Weekend ka war’ though? Can’t wait to see how she puts this ability to good use in the Bigg Boss house. 

Radhe Maa's Vibrant Wardrobe

From meditation gowns to her bodycon minis, Radhe Maa has a thing for all things red and glitzy. In fact, she has never been seen in anything that wasn’t red! There is always an element of the colour in her outfit. Well, she is sure to bring some colour to our TV screens with all that red. However, what we are more interested to find out is whether she’ll slip into a different hue during her journey because that would indeed be a moment!

All That Dancing & Revelry 

For the unversed, Radhe Maa loves her dancing almost as much as she loves the colour red. In fact, she has always maintained that it’s her dancing that brings her close to God. So, the morning songs in the Bigg Boss house are perfectly sorted. Now, the question is if she’d break into random mid-day dances to please both the audience and God enough to help her win the trophy. Can’t wait to watch it! Also, wondering if we will have some full-blown satsang rounds in the Bigg Boss house this year?

The Background Story

Bigg Boss is a long journey and a lot of contestants often end up sharing unknown details about their lives and their stories on the show. While Radhe Maa has shared bits and pieces of her story in the past, it would be interesting to see her going all out with her story, if she at all decides to do so. 

Remember When Swami Om Shook The Bigg Boss House? 

Perhaps the toughest task for Radhe Maa during her Bigg Boss journey would be to lead with the problematic Godman image that Swami Om has left. During his journey of Bigg Boss 10, he literally threw urine on his fellow contestants and was thrown out for his outlandish behaviour. Given that, Radhe Maa certainly has an uphill task to do and her controversial image doesn’t help either. Will she be able to undo the damage?

Again, JUST. CAN'T. WAIT. to see Radhe Maa in the Bigg Boss house! 

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