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#NotInGodsName: What Are Our Leaders Saying About The Kathua Rape Case?

#NotInGodsName: What Are Our Leaders Saying About The Kathua Rape Case?

A lot has happened in India over the last two days. Yes, I am referring to the rape cases of Unnao and Kathua that have taken our 'secular' country by a storm. Calling it a wake-up call would be trivialising the death of an 8-year-old who was drugged and raped in a temple in the Kathua district in Jammu & Kashmir and the father who died trying to get justice for his daughter. A lot of enraged people took to social media to support the victims, including our celebrities. But while we were penning down articles about the atrocities the women in this country face, our politicians had other very important news to share. 

1. Her Priorities Are Obvious

2. Her Silence Is The Loudest

3. Deflecting The Country's Biggest Question 

4. Just Another PR Account?

5. Another Birthday Wish, Bravo

6. What About The Women You Promised To Protect?

7. Sure, That'll Help 

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