Plixxo Super Blogger, Malvika Sitlani Just Got Married And We're Jumping With Joy!

Plixxo Super Blogger, Malvika Sitlani Just Got Married And We're Jumping With Joy!

There's no denying that these are dark times that we're living in where uncertainty and fear seem to be the main emotion that everyone's feeling. However, even during the coronavirus pandemic, we have got loads of news that is happy and bright- people are actually getting married on their balconies, air pollution has gone down and we can finally hear the birds chirping again.

Amongst all this, we wanted to share another great piece of news with you which is that Plixxo super blogger, Malvika Sitlani and her long time beau Akhil Aryan got married in a quiet civil ceremony a couple of days back. Yup, these two had been dating for the past ten years and they finally made it official.

17th of March was their dating anniversary and they always celebrated it with their friends and family as Akika day (Akhil and Malvika) and wanted to lock in this date forever. However, due to the pandemic, there was a whole lot of commotion whether this would be possible but luckily for Akhil and Malvika it was and they signed the papers becoming man and wife.

For the civil ceremony, Malvika wore a cute, floral, pink, one-shouldered, ruffled dress and looked adorable. Akhil, on the other hand, looked dapper in his crisp, white shirt and jeans. Classic, right?  


The two had earlier got engaged in Santorini last year where Akhil had planned a gorgeous surprise for her. A dinner for two in a quiet homestay overlooking the pristine blue waters while red rose petals and candles were carefully laid out was what our beauty maven got. With her one true love down on one knee asking her to be with him forever, what could be more perfect?

They even threw a bash in Mumbai celebrating their engagement where they invited close friends and family. For that Malvika wore a floral pink floor-length dress and Akhil wore a white tee along with white pants and a grey blazer. Wow, these two really have style!

Okay congratulations Akhil and Malvika, you guys make us believe that true love conquers all. Sending the warmest wishes and all our love to the happily married couple! ❤

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