Playing Hard-To-Get? 9 Outfits To Make It Look Like You Didn't *Mean* To Dress Up!

Playing Hard-To-Get? 9 Outfits To Make It Look Like You Didn't *Mean* To Dress Up!

Love is tricky business. The romance trade works a little differently. Movies and TV shows continue trying to establish that if you like someone your behaviour needs to be almost the opposite… pretty much like they repulse you. Don’t be giggly and obvious, and definitely don’t come on too strong. While most people try the ridiculous philosophy, first-hand and passed on experiences tell a (slightly) different tale. I mean, half the point of dating someone is to feel liked/ loved, right? If you try the rom-com theory, it’s likely you’ll be left standing alone in the rain, rather than with an arm around and an umbrella over you.

hard to get dress up date

You get the point, right?

However, the human brain IS mysterious and needs some drama to function. So, yes, there is maybe a 1% chance that a little nonchalance is probably safer than drooling over someone all the time. Especially if it’s a young romance. So, here’s what I figured, why not play hard-to-get with clothes instead? If you’re going on a date, you will spend time and brain space on your outfit but your date doesn’t need to know that. Style your outfit to make it look like you spent little time on it (and them) - casual, breezy and effortless - but manage to look exceptionally outstanding. Why put your foot in your mouth when you can let your look do the talking for you? And here to help, we have 10 Bollywood approved ‘zero effort’ date outfits that will earn him your love and attention. *wink*

1. Remarkable *Jeans*

janhvi kapoor hard to get dress up date

When you show up in this, your date will think you spent all of 2 minutes on this double-denim outfit but also that you look insanely good in it. Little does he know how long you spent looking for a statement denim shirt. Not to mention how hard choosing the right shade of jeans was.

POPxo recommends: Bleach Wash Raw Hem Denim Shirt (Rs 1,224) by Shein

2. I’m So Basic

deepika padukone  hard to get dress up date

This look is basic enough, right? Wrong! It looks effortless but you don’t need to tell him that adjusting the jacket off your shoulder at the perfect angle took half an hour alone. And again, the hunt for edgy jeans like this is endless!

POPxo recommends: Contrast Tape Side Wide Leg Pants (Rs 1,240) by The Style Syndrome

3. 70s Chill

bhumi pednekar hard to get dress up date

Swap your LBD for Bhumi Pednekar's retro-chic look. Your date obviously has no idea how complicated styling this outfit would be. The pants, the earrings, the slogan tee… and most of all, those sunglasses!

POPxo recommends: Tie Hem Jersey Top (Rs 799) by H&M

4. The ‘New Phone, Who Dis’ Look

karisma kapoor hard to get dress up date

Doesn’t Karisma Kapoor look effortless in this shirt and maxi skirt combination? Add a statement element to the look like the self-tie belt here. Channel the same vibe while styling yours and win at the hard-to-get game at the same time.

POPxo recommends: Pencil Skirt With Waist Belt (Rs 600) by Ajio

5. Sartorial Satin-faction

shraddha kapoor hard to get dress up date

Yes, you can work athleisure to a date. Shraddha Kapoor’s look is chic as ever but doesn’t let on how much effort really went into styling it. Keep your date wondering how you do it.

POPxo recommends: Floral Joggers (Rs 998) by Lulu & Sky

6. Dress Up, (Don’t) Mean It

aditi rao hydari hard to get dress up date

Take a cue from Aditi Rao Hydari and layer a casual dress with another one and savour your date’s expression of amazement. That kind of satisfaction is second to none, trust me.

POPxo recommends: Shift Dress With Embroidery (Rs 1,199) by Koovs

7. Let It Pop

diana penty hard to get dress up date

‘It’s just a casual dress’, he’d think, ‘…but how does she look so good?’ Yup, take notes on Diana Penty’s outfit, girls. The silhouette itself is mellow but the colour palette is a show stealer, isn’t it?

POPxo recommends: Lace Trimmed Dress (Rs 2,490) by Zara

8. Boy, Bye!

jacqueline fernandez hard to get dress up date

Recreate Jacqueline’s look to set your date’s heart racing. To him, it looks like you just put on what you could find. A tee, a jacket, a skirt and a mismatched bag but what he doesn’t know is how much planning and how many phone calls to your BFF went into it.

POPxo recommends: Contemporary Lace Skirt (Rs 1,539) by Forever 21

9. Breezy Like A Boss

taapsee pannu hard to get dress up date

A lesson from Taapsee Pannu: match formal tops to casual bottoms and shoes for your next date. All that’s left to do, then, is wait and watch.

POPxo recommends: Sheer Mesh Panel Lace Trim Checked Top (Rs 680) by Romwe

Now, there’s a side to romance you didn’t know about, amirite?