Shweta Tripathi's Wedding Pictures Are As Beautiful As The Couple's Love Story

Shweta Tripathi's Wedding Pictures Are As Beautiful As The Couple's Love Story

"We went from Messenger to WhatsApp to finally hanging out, before we decided to date. But even before that, I told him I needed to be asked out on a roller coaster. He didn’t question my weirdness - he just took me to an amusement park, made me sit on one and waited for it to go down before he asked me out! My response wasn’t a ‘yes’ or ‘no’- it was a screaming ‘aaaaahhh!’ It’s been five years of adventures since."

Shweta Tripathi's story about how it all began with now husband, Chaitanya Sharma, is straight out of a Bollywood movie.

After an adorable mehendi ceremony and a fairytale engagement, Shweta Tripathi got hitched last night in Goa to longtime beau, Chaitanya Sharma, better known as the rapper Slow Cheetah, and we have all the pictures and videos from the wedding.

1 shweta tripathi wedding - goa wedding

2 shweta tripathi wedding - chaitanya sharma

Here's a close-up of the newlywed couple.

3 shweta tripathi wedding - close up of the bride and groom

Image: Instagram

They look so amazing together. And even more so in this video of their pheras.

Wait, there's more!

Makes you think what your wedding is going to be like, right?

You probably know Shweta Tripathi as the Masaan girl who became an instant favourite thanks to her mind-blowing acting skills. But I remember her as my favourite character from Kya Mast Hai Life, the Disney Channel show. From playing the role of Zeina Khan in the series to all the Tata Sky, McDonald's and Tata Tea ads on television, Shweta Tripathi, to quote my mother, "Itni badi ho gayi hai", that we're posting about her wedding pictures already.

6 shweta tripathi wedding - the bride

Image: Instagram

Shweta Tripathi wore a Papa Don't Preach by Shubika lehenga and there's a secret note for us to take here - keep your makeup simple and let your wedding outfit do all the talking.

We wish a happy married life ahead to the newlyweds (and Happy Birthday in advance to Shweta who's turning 33 on July 6)!