Twitter Is In Love With This Injured Dog That Entered A Pharmacy For Help & So Are We!

Twitter Is In Love With This Injured Dog That Entered A Pharmacy For Help & So Are We!

We've all heard numerous stories about rescued animals that get adopted as pets. But a recent incident that took place in Istanbul last week reinstated our faith in humanity all the more. As reported by an American news website, an injured stray dog bleeding from a cut on her paw entered a pharmacy run by a woman called Banu Cengiz. The security footage from the pharmacy shows the dog standing in the doorway looking expectantly for help.

A dog lover herself, Banu has kept beds inside her pharmacy for stray dogs to rest and recuperate. However, this particular dog, instead of using the beds, stood expectantly by the door. 

"She was looking at me," Banu Cengiz told the magazine in an interview. "I said, 'Baby, is there a problem?'" She then welcomed the pup inside and tended to her wounds. Another video, shared by Banu herself, shows her sweetly comforting the injured dog. Banu cleaned the dog's wounds and also gave her antibiotics.






Benu maintains a cosy, little space in front of her pharmacy for all the homeless dogs she's unable to adopt herself. She also rescued her beloved pet from the streets years ago.

Being kind is all that matters! Isn't it?

"When I was done, she laid down as if to thank me," Banu said. "She was saying, 'I trust you.'"

All the while, the dog stood still like an ideal patient as Banu tried to ease her pain. This endearing video of the pup and the benevolent pharmacist went viral on the internet in no time. The netizens recognised the woman's compassion in the video and found her act of kindness admirable. Someone tweeted, "Dogs are the best" while another user said, "I love dogs and sometimes humans." They gave the pharmacist a big thumbs up and even told her to adopt the dog.

the dodo

"Unfortunately, I couldn't take her home," Banu said, a common regret for someone who is truly compassionate toward helping stray animals. She further added, "I've been dealing with street animals for years. I feed them and heal them, and help them find homes when I can."

After fixing her wounds, Banu opened her pharmacy for the little dog, which served as a recovery area. Banu gave the dog food and water, and showered her with love and care. Banu might not be able to adopt all the strays that come her way, but her pharmacy (which offers refuge to needy animals) serves as the next best thing.

the dodo

"I do it because they feel. We need to help those who need it," Banu said. "People should teach their children to love and respect animals and nature. Then we can all live together in a beautiful world."

Well, didn't this emotional account of Banu and her little doggo patient get you teary-eyed? We hope that the dog recovers fast and Banu keeps spreading love and kindness the way she does.

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