Peter Kavinsky Or Jamey, Which Noah Centineo Was A Better Boyfriend?

Peter Kavinsky Or Jamey, Which Noah Centineo Was A Better Boyfriend?

Noah Centineo, the 22-year-old heartthrob who won hearts overnight with his character Peter Kavinsky in To All The Boys I've Loved Beforeis back on Netflix as Jamey in Sierra Burgess Is A Loser. And though it is Noah Centineo who I would truly like to date in real life, his characters have played a huge role in making him crush-worthy.

From the adorable one-liners to the grand romantic gestures, there is a lot that goes into being a good fictional partner. And so I've decided to rate both Peter and Jamey on the cute-o-meter and analyse which one of these two was a better boyfriend!

1. He Made Me Laugh 

On those rough days, you just need a boy who can make you laugh or at the least, smile. 

Peter: His 'whoa whoa whoa' is enough to make any day beautiful, no matter what I'm going through. And though I can't compare how gorgeous they both look, Peter's confidence and IDGAF attitude are so attractive. "What are you supposed to be? The Pillsbury Doughboy?" Damn Peter. 

Jamey: He is awkwardly funny, which is technically a part of his charm. Even his friends tell this star quarterback that he has no sense of humour, so I guess Sierra was the funny one in this relationship.  

Verdict: Peter WINS!

01 noah centineo

2. I Was On His Side 

Every time the lead characters fought, whose side did you pick? 

Peter: Remember when Lara Jean was mad at Peter because he was still talking to Gen (his ex-girlfriend) every night and secretly meeting her in hotel rooms? I was heartbroken because Peter had truly disappointed us all. Not a cool move, Kavinsky. 

Jamey: When Jamey found out about Sierra catfishing him, I couldn't help but sympathise with this sweet boy. He'd done nothing to deserve this, all he wanted was love. 

Verdict: Jamey WINS!

02 noah centineo

3. He Made Me Feel Special 

Who did a better job at making their girlfriend, fake or otherwise, feel like she was the only girl in the world? 

Peter: First things first, that lock screen wallpaper on his phone was so cute! Add to that the Instagram captions, holding hands, meeting her family and bonding with her sister, Peter did it all like a pro. Also those cute notes for her locker? Priceless. 

Jamey: "I could pick your voice out of a line-up" has to be the line that made my heart melt! Jamey also picked out a sunflower for Sierra after he heard her song towards the end of the film, forgiving her for everything. 

Verdict: Peter WINS!

03 noah centineo

4. He Went The Extra Mile 

Which one of the two went the extra mile to do something adorable for their girlfriend? 

Peter: The probiotic drink moment that made us all go awww. He drove all the way across town to the Korean grocery store and got her, her favourite yogurt smoothie. Who does that? 

Jamey: He took a shirtless selfie for her? That's about it tbh. Because Jamey didn't actually get a chance to show Sierra how much he cared for most of the movie. 

Verdict: Peter WINS!

04 noah centineo

5. He Accepted Me For Who I Am 

He came, he loved but he didn't change me. Who do you think truly embraced their partners for who they really were? 

Peter: He knew Lara Jean was awkward, cute and a little dorky, but he loved that about her. Even when his ex-girlfriend made fun of Lara Jean's shoes, he said he liked them. Also, this is the guy who stood up for her in front of the entire school! Clearly, he was proud to be by her side. 

Jamey: After he found out Sierra's identity, Jamey was quick to forgive her. Despite the emotional roller coaster she put him through, he accepted her for the real person behind the screen. 

Verdict: Jamey WINS!

05 noah centineo

Peter Kavinsky wins this round of who is a better boyfriend by scoring 3/5 on the cute-o-meter! Lara Jean is a lucky girl indeed. 

06 noah centineo

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