7 Girls Reveal The Absolute *Worst* ‘Period Moments’ Ever!

7 Girls Reveal The Absolute *Worst* ‘Period Moments’ Ever!
Periods suck! We just love periods for 5 seconds when we realize we aren’t pregnant, and that’s it. What’s there to like about periods? They give you cramps, they make you bloat, they totally screw up your hormones… Don’t you sometimes wish that you had a remote control to control what’s going on inside your vagina? Like, press an ‘off’ button and your periods just won’t happen? We know, we know this isn't possible, but what’s the harm in imagining it, right? Some girls on Whisper shared the period moments that they absolutely hate and we’re sure you’ll totally relate to this. Read on to know what people hate about periods...

1. We know, right? Even the packaging sucks! Is there anything good about periods?

1 period moments

2. When you can’t even...

2 period moments

3. When you’re emotional, horny, sweet and angry...all at the same time!

3 period moments

4. There goes another underwear. Thank you, periods...NOT!

4 period moments

5. Uh oh! Cold and periods…worst combination ever! Trust us!

5 period moments

6. PMSing comes with side effects!

6 period moments

7. OMG! We can imagine how hard you must have cried...

7 period moments We found these confessions here on Whisper. The conclusion: Periods are annoying! Images: Whisper