What We’ve ALL Been Waiting For… #PeriodEmoji Is Almost Here!

What We’ve ALL Been Waiting For… #PeriodEmoji Is Almost Here!

We’ve been hushed and shushed about many things in life. Until the realm of internet came along and all the things that once were a taboo, now became topics of discussion and points of change. Menstruation is one such topic.

In India, from being considered impure, sinful and women being separated from the rest of the world during ‘that time of the month’, we have now come to a point where women stick pads in public areas just to spread awareness and start a healthy (and long over-due) conversation.

However, when it comes to conversations, how can we forget our beloved texts and emojis, right? After all, in recent times, emojis have started quite a few conversations like the one with same sex couples or even breastfeeding women. Now that could be one of the reasons Plan International, a children’s rights organization, decided to bring out a #PeriodEmoji. Because, well, someone had to!

Internal 1 period emoji

Image: Plan International UK on Facebook

Yes, you heard right! In an attempt to get women to openly talk about their periods and feel comfortable at the same time, they are asking the Unicode Consortium to add a period emoji to the 2018 global emoji keyboard.

What’s better? You, yes YOU, get to choose which emoji is added. All you have to do is go on their facebook page or website and vote for your favourite emoji (we’ve got angry blood drops, a bloody pad, stained underwear, a red uterus and a calendar of blood) using other emojis! They will then send the winner emoticon design to the Unicode Consortium and if all goes well, by next year, we’ll be seeing a period emoji on our phones. And we’d definitely know that we’ve been a part of THIS change. Is this cool or IS THIS COOL?!

Internal 2 period emoji

Image: Plan International Australia on Facebook

The only catch, girls, is that the votes close on 2nd June 2017 which gives us just one day to put in our votes so go ahead to Plan International’s facebook page and get votin’!

Featured Image: Plan International UK on Facebook