Sold On Sales? Wear This Discounted Outfit For Your Next Dinner With The Girls

Sold On Sales? Wear This Discounted Outfit For Your Next Dinner With The Girls

If you don’t dress up to meet your best friends, do you even have best-friends? When you cross over into adulthood, you realise boys will come and boys will go but your girls stay on forever. You cannot go through life if your girls aren’t there to correct your fashion choices or tell you why you shouldn’t date that boy who’s been leaving you on 'read'… and much more, TBH, but let’s not get into that. The point is - if you don’t primp for your BFFs, who do you do it for?

Styling an outfit for a fun dinner-drinks sesh with your girls is relatively easier - you can pick something comfortable because with them you’re the real-est you. But you also want your outfit to be supremely chic because you love getting compliments from your go-to girls.

With that in mind, we’ve curated an all-sale monotone outfit for you that will be just as comfy as it will be chic. Yes, these items make up the perfect all-girls dinner look AND it is on sale. Check it out:

1. The Dress

1 label life blush dress sold on sale dinner with the girls

This self-tie blush pink dress is not only tres chic, it is also on sale - 65% off! We especially love the sophisticated summer-perfect blush colour, but we also love the satin straps that tie into beautiful bows. Your besties are going to hype you up like crazy at that dinner!

Buy Blush Pleated Tie Shift Dress (Rs.1,734) by The Label Life

2. The Shoes

2 dressberry satin mules sold on sale dinner with the girls

These discounted kitten heel pointed-toe mules are a lovely shade of pink, aren’t they? Also, these shoes are all satin and match the satin self-tie straps in the dress. Prepare to be showered with your girls’ impressed ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ thanks to this awesome discounted steal!

Buy Pink Solid Mules (Rs.1,035) by Dressberry

3. The Bag

3 romwe glittery crossbody bag sold on sale dinner with the girls

When we saw this discounted glittery baby pink evening purse we knew it had to be part of this monotone outfit. It’s blingy, it’s on sale and it’s sure to get you second glances from your besties! Get it, don’t regret it.

Buy Metal Detail Sequin Flap Bag With Chain (Rs.777) by Romwe