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7 People Reveal Their ​*Secret*​ Fantasies (No, Not Making Love!)

7 People Reveal Their ​*Secret*​ Fantasies (No, Not Making Love!)

Every person has a *secret* fantasy - apart from all those sexual ones. Just like a child who fantasises about becoming a superhero, we adults too fantasise about many things. Like, ours would be to eat as much as we want, without getting fat (*sobs*)! Some people on Quora shared their secret fantasies and they are quite interesting! Read theirs and tell us what’s yours…?

1. Surabhi Sinha says…

Paris. Have you ever been in love with a place you've never been to? For me that’s Paris. I am not talking about going on a vacation, because that won't be enough time. I want to live there someday. For the roadside cafes, the bakeries, the wine, the art, the history. Ah! Just everything! I want to own a small and cozy studio apartment there. And maybe fall in love with a french man (That's entirely optional though! :P). 1 secret fantasies

2. Sameer Khan says…

My fantasy is being on the top of Mt. Everest and looking at the clouds and the snow, and nothing beyond. I want to see myself wheezing through the oxygen mask, and the wind hitting my face. No mark of life, for miles around, just me. That would be the moment when i’ll be truly alive. Pure Bliss! 2 secret fantasies Also read: Guys Reveal What *Really* Turns Them On…!

3. Sarah Reyes says…

This is a bit embarrassing, but ever since I was a child, i've fantasized about finding a magic lamp with genie inside it! If that happens- I would wish for financial freedom for me and my parents, I would change a few things about my appearance, I would ask to be cured of diabetes. I’ve had this fantasy for over 20 years now. 3 secret fantasies

4. Puneet Sharma says…

I fantasize about living at-least a month in every country of the world, with all the finances and with no burden or responsibilities. I just want to travel and learn. I want experience everything that the local people do there. And yes! travel across the whole country (on a bike), and learn about the different cultures and their way of living.
4 secret fantasies

5. Shilpi Singh says…

I want to FLY. Free, at my own will. I want to go where ever I want to, and feel as light as a feather. I often have these dreams where I am walking (or running) and I suddenly discover that I can fly for as long as I want to. I spread my arms and just fly, momentarily touching the ground at times, the wind moving at my pace, my skirt moving aimlessly to the left and right. I feel a sense of exhilaration even in my unconsciousness. 5 secret fantasies Also read: “What’s The ONE Thing You Check On His Phone?” 6 Girls Reveal…

6. Samantha Olendi says…

I fantasize about traveling to a serene place with a spectacular view, and experiencing one of those goosebump inducing moments when you realize just how small you are! And meeting new and interesting people (potentially life-long friends) and click a lot of pictures! 6 secret fantasies

7. Sunny Shah says…

I want to travel to the SPACE! In a spaceship (which has enough fuel and supplies for a lifetime) and watch a planet spin, with the sun and other planets at a distance. I want to see the milky way galaxy. I sometimes wonder what it would be like. There is nothing more fascinating than that. 7 secret fantasies You can find the full thread here on Quora. GIFs: Tumblr
Published on Aug 2, 2016
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