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It's Okay To Cry: Twitterati Explain #WhatAnxietyFeelsLike & It's Incredibly Eye-Opening

It's Okay To Cry: Twitterati Explain #WhatAnxietyFeelsLike & It's Incredibly Eye-Opening

Mental health has always been a taboo topic in India, but celebrities opening up about their personal struggles changed things. Whether it was Deepika Padukone publically speaking about her depression or Alia Bhatt's sister, Shaheen, writing an entire book about it--it sparked a conversation about mental illnesses with the masses. Now that the topic has become more normalised, people are likely to share their struggles with loved ones and seek help.

The internet has always felt like a safe space for people to talk about mental illnesses. The latest viral trend to take Twitter by storm is a hashtag called #WhatAnxietyFeelsLike, which aims to raise awareness about clinical anxiety. According to the World Economic Forum, anxiety is the world biggest mental health problem, and an estimated 275 million people suffer from anxiety disorders. That's 4% of the world's total population! 

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So, with #WhatAnxietyFeelsLike, people are listing out symptoms of their anxiety disorder. It's quite eye-opening to note how anxiety can look different for different people. Here's what people are sharing:

Nausea is a common one

It's hard to focus

It's okay to cry

Overthinking is the devil

That sinking feeling

Loneliness is a silent killer

It's okay to stay in bed

The hopelessness is very real

So many people say it feels like a heart attack!

Looming dream

If you also suffer from anxiety, we hope this will give you the strength to seek help. If you're already seeking treatment for anxiety, please share your own experience of #WhatAnxietyFeelsLike--it might just help someone reach out to their loved ones.

If you are suffering from a mental illness or experiencing suicidal thoughts, we urge you to seek help from an expert. Call these all-India helplines:

Connecting India
18002094353 (12 pm to 8 pm daily)

Vandrevala Foundation
1860-266-2345, 1800-233-3330 (24x7)

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