Awkward Experiences With Your Crush? You’re Not The Only One!!

Awkward Experiences With Your Crush? You’re Not The Only One!!
Have you ever had an awkward moment with your crush? Are you embarrassed about it? Well, don’t be… Because we’ve ALL been there, and you are not alone. Yes! We found this super interesting thread on Quora and some people are sharing absolutely hilarious things that happened to them. And after reading these, you’ll surely feel a little better.

1. The misinterpreted hug

Arushi Gupta on Quora: So there I was, waiting for him, with butterflies in my stomach because this guy I was about to meet (alone, for the first time) was cute af and I had a feeling he fancied me too. He came, we saw each other and exchanged pleasantries and I leaned in for a side-hug when all of a sudden this guy pulls me in for a full hug instead. I lost my balance, stepped on his foot and almost tripped us both over. So I stood there, apologising, embarrassed and contemplating about why I had to receive more than my share of clumsiness.
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2. The OOPS moment

Nishtha Bisht on Quora: So what really happened was that I used to like someone a lot and we became good friends. One unlucky day, he called me 'sis' and that's when the earth shifted beneath my feet and the ocean started to ripple as a third eye opened. You have no idea how devastated I felt. 2 awkward experiences with their crush Also read: What Changes When You Go From Being His Girlfriend To His Wife?

3. Friends? Not friends?

Samiha Singh on Quora: My crush was leaving school and being his good friend, I signed his shirt. I encouraged my other friends to sign it as well and then I didn't realise, my friend made hearts where I wrote my name after my comment. 3 awkward experiences with their crush You can find the full thread on Quora here.