I Dug My Feet In, Persevered: PC Talks About Her Hollywood Struggles & It's Inspiring

I Dug My Feet In, Persevered: PC Talks About Her Hollywood Struggles & It's Inspiring

Priyanka Chopra is a global icon. She's carved a niche for herself in Bollywood and is also ruling hearts in Hollywood. From fashion looks and inspiring movies to being the Ambassador at the United Nations, the multi-talented star has made her voice heard. However, all this didn't come easy. 

In a recent interview, the Dostana actor opened up about her struggles when she moved to explore professional growth saat samundar paar.

"When I went to America there wasn’t a precedence. I didn’t have a road map to follow because there was no one who had done it before. I had to figure it out, walk into rooms, introduce myself, say ‘I am an Indian actor, my name is Priyanka Chopra, these are the kind of films I want to do’. I demanded playing leading ladies, instead of having parts which were the stereotype of what a Bollywood actor would usually get. Those also came to me, but I was very clear about what I wanted to do," she said in an interview with a leading daily.

PC even added that Bollywood was only reduced to a genre on streaming platforms then. Recounting what it was like, she said, "I dug my feet in, persevered and did what I needed to do. I am so glad, and hope through me… it’s my life’s dream that Indian cinema becomes global. We are one of the biggest movie industries in the world, and we have been reduced to a genre? If you look on streaming services, you will see ‘horror’ ‘comedy’ ‘drama’ ‘Bollywood’. Bollywood is not a genre, it’s an entire industry! It’s my life’s dream to see Indian cinema and artists take over the West."

Now that more actors are taking up projects in Hollywood, she agrees that the situation has changed for the better. She confessed that now Hindi cinema isn't seen with the same lens as it was before. She could sing, dance and act, which made her a triple threat. 

In the future, she wants to see Indian actors as "mainstream global entertainers" and we couldn't agree more. The industry is filled with talented people who deserve their shot in the spotlight. 

PC said, "That’s what I have done with Quantico, Baywatch and the movies The White Tiger and We Can Be Heroes. That’s where we need to see more Indian talent." 

Elated about her new project, the Bajirao Mastani star said, "To me, it was a massive achievement when Mindy and I walked into Universal Studios, came out with a deal for an all-Indian star cast in a Hollywood movie, in a romantic comedy! That’s never happened in a mainstream rom-com! I remember, we came out, held our hands, we couldn’t believe it. It took us fighting the fight. I am hoping to be able to create so many more opportunities for Indian actors in my small way. I am obviously not saying I can change everything. But in my small way… that’s my quest."

An all Indian cast in a romantic comedy along with Mindy Kailing and Priyanka Chopra starring, we can't stop squealing with excitement. 

On the work front, we recently saw Priyanka in The Sky Is Pink along with Farhan Akhtar and Zaira Wasim after a three-year break from Hindi films. Keep shattering more glass ceilings Mimi, we love you!

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