Changing Partners & Supressed Emotions: Kangana Has A Lot Of Thoughts On Premarital Sex

Changing Partners & Supressed Emotions: Kangana Has A Lot Of Thoughts On Premarital Sex

Actor Kangana Ranaut has always had a reputation for being unabashedly honest. This time, she spoke about the importance of healthy sexual habits. During an event in Delhi, Kangana said that parents should be okay with children having responsible sex.

“I think parents should be okay with children having sexual partners and children should be having responsible sex. They should definitely use protection and monogamy is very important. Changing partners is not nice, it will just mess with your system. To keep it simple, I think when a child hits adolescence, (they) should know automatically," she said.

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The Judgemental Hai Kya actress recalled how shocked her parents were when they found out that she is sexually active. "Like my parents were shocked when they got to know that I am sexually active. So what do they expect? My mother got married when she was 19 and father was 21. So I don’t know what they expect but I want to say to parents they should be okay and they should encourage children to have safe sex,” she added.

According to Kangana, people should recognise sex as a basic need and not make a big deal out of it. Speaking at the event, she said, "Sex is an important aspect of everyone’s life. When you want sex, just have it. Don’t be obsessed."

She also spoke about the generation gap between our parents, and why they find it so hard to grasp their heads around pre-marital sex, " I think our whole system has become haywire. There was a time when as a kid itself you were told that this is your husband and your emotions were directed to that person. Obviously sex they would do only when it’s the right age but at least your emotions were directed to that person. However, in today’s gen, most of us only get married after 30, so when the main age wherein your hormones are over your head, jumping out of your body, is in your teenage or 20s’. All that time is very difficult but during that time the girl and boy are not willing to marry.”


Kangana highlighted the implications of suppressing natural sexual urges, which leads to young people becoming obsessed with sex to the point of it becoming a 'psychological illness'. She said, "When we see brahmacharis, they use a lot of advanced transform their sexual energy into some other energy. But you, without those techniques, try to suppress those emotions, and it ends up becoming very volatile. So little things like you want to be western but don’t want to give up on spirituality, (your) Indianness, so the idea of sex has become a cocktail, more like a psychological illness.” 

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On the work front, Kangana was last seen in Judgemental Hai Kya, which was hailed by critics but failed to impress the audience. Next, she'll be seen portraying the role of politician  J Jayalalithaa, and she recently shared pictures from her prosthetics session with fans on Instagram.

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