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This *Heartwarming* Ad Will Make You Want To Hug Your Father Tight!

This *Heartwarming* Ad Will Make You Want To Hug Your Father Tight!

Most fathers are great at hiding their emotions. They often pretend that they don’t like their daughter’s lifestyle or our ‘choices’ but deep down, they know that in the end, it is their daughter’s happiness that matters the most. Here’s a beautiful ad film aptly titled  ‘Moments’ by Panasonic which adorably depicts the father-daughter relationship ever so beautifully! The ad features a displeased father who is unhappy with his daughter’s choice of a guy. (And which father isn’t?) However on her wedding day, when it’s time for her vidaai, he just can’t keep away from shedding some tears. The best part of the ad comes about only when the daughter discovers her father’s true joy in her wedding photographs. Her expression is simply priceless! Watch the heartwarming scene beautifully captured in this Panasonic ad film here. Oh, and do carry some tissues, just in case!

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Published on Oct 30, 2017
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