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Justice Served: Pakistan Hangs Serial Killer Who Raped & Murdered A 7-Year-Old Girl

Justice Served: Pakistan Hangs Serial Killer Who Raped & Murdered A 7-Year-Old Girl

Earlier this year the entire world was left aghast by the news of the brutal rape and murder of the 7-year-old Pakistani girl, Zainab Ansari. On January 4, 2018, the little child went missing while going for a Quran class and her body was found five days later by the police. According to the autopsy reports she had been raped and strangled to death and had been held captive and tortured before being killed. The incident caused an uproar in Kasur district and it quickly spread to the rest of Pakistan and soon even became a global cause to rally around.

Earlier today (Wednesday, 5: 30 AM), Imran Ali the convicted rapist and murder was hanged in Pakistan. Asifa's father had earlier asked for a public hanging but the request had been dismissed. He was executed in the morning in Kol Lokhpat Central Jail in the presence of both Magistrate Adil Sarwar, the girl's father while the girl's uncle.


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Imran Ali's brother and his friends were also present at the hanging and an ambulance. A two-member Lahore High Court bench comprising, Justice Sardar Shamim Ahmed and Justice Shahbaz Rizvi denied the plea of the 7-year-old's father who wanted it to be a public hanging of their daughter's killer.

After the police uncovering CCTV footage showing Zainab's last movements with him, there was widespread outrage in the whole country. Protests and marches against the rape culture present in Pakistan and against the heinous murder of a child were being held across the nation. 


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Later Ali also confessed to being a serial killer has confessed to attacking eight more children in the city and committing five murders. He was arrested two weeks after raping, killing and throwing little Zainab into the dumpster.

Talking to the media Zainab's father said that he was satisfied that justice was served but also disappointed by the court's verdict about the public hanging. He even said that Ali was not ashamed of the crimes he committed as there no signs of fear or repentance on his face at the time he was being hanged. He said, "I have seen his awe-inspiring end with my own eyes."

It's justice well served for a man who could actually rape and murder a little child. It really goes to show the power of a collective outrage by the people, we hope India follows suit in taking such swift action and serving justice on time. 

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