#TrendAlert: These Mesmerising Lip Paintings Prove That Your Pout Can Talk!

#TrendAlert: These Mesmerising Lip Paintings Prove That Your Pout Can Talk!

Who said your canvas has to be a foot long fabric nailed to a wooden structure? It can be anything and everything, you just have to find the right artist or be one yourself.

If you are bored of those monotonous lip colours and are looking for some inspiration to create new patterns on your lips, you’ve come to the right page, young lady. We know how much that proper swipe affects your look but in this case, it’s multiple swipes and brush strokes.

We definitely have some multi-talented make-up artists who can become the Picasso of the beauty world because they literally paint your lips. Yes, you read that right. Artist’s like Vlada Haggerty, Genevieve Jauquet Perez and Jazmina Daniel are changing the meaning of ‘applying lipstick’ and we are impressed.

Welcome this mesmerising beauty trend that has been around for a while but was lacking appreciation, so here we are… Recently, we discovered eyeshadow designs that would have given you some food cravings and now, it’s time for lipstick designs that are nothing less than the work of a fine artist. Like Pablo Picasso himself said, “Everything you can imagine is real.”

These ones are imagined on lip-size canvas. It sure isn’t something you can do every day or it isn’t a get-set-go look but believe us, it’s satisfying to watch it and we are sure it’s delightful for the artists as well and you can see it in the amount of creativity and hard work they put into every single look. Take a look.

1. Everyone’s fave Disney Princess moment!    


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2. Combine all your fave berries and you’ve got yourself an awesome art-piece here...


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3. Dory? Look where we found you!


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4. Painting, literally!


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5. Salvador Dali’s work? Could it get any better!


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6. Love the colours and the illusion

7. Like a diamond on your lips...

See? You just give them a brush and a palette and the rest will become history to be remembered. Want to try and brush up your painting skills on your lips. They usually use the products from NYX Cosmetics, Pat McGrath and Kat Von D’s make-up line to get the look, you can try the same. Go ahead, pick out the products you can use to start with…

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