Padmavati May Have A New Release Date And We Are Stoked!

Padmavati May Have A New Release Date And We Are Stoked!

All thanks to the whirlwind of controversies that have surrounded Padmavati ever since the movie was in the making, it has officially become the most awaited Bollywood movie by scores of people around the country.

But now, the moment is nigh, because according to the latest report by India Today, the new release date for Padmavati may be January 5, 2018.

It’s finally happening, and we absolutely cannot wait to watch some of the most stunning performances against the backdrop of some of the most expensive sets and costumes in the history of Bollywood come alive with Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, and Shahid Kapoor charming us with their sheer talent and screen presence!

Since the beginning, the actors, the filmmakers, the film industry, and even the Supreme Court, collectively, have rallied for the movie to be released and have vouched for their wholehearted support for the film to see the light of day.

In an interview with a prominent Indian magazine, Deepika said that she was ‘disheartened’ by the kind of reactions the film was getting from political groups who are pushing for the ban of the movie as well as swearing to cut off Deepika’s nose if the movie is released for the public.

“It’s not just about Padmavati”, she said. “To repeatedly watch the Indian film industry being targeted, for everything that goes on in the country today, is not right. It has to stop somewhere. We’re responsible citizens of this country. We’re grown up, mature, intelligent and educated adults. No one is here to hurt anyone’s sentiments. We must be allowed that kind of freedom. In any field for that matter. We belong to this land as much as anyone else. So why are we constantly held responsible for everything political and otherwise that goes on here and have our films held on ransom? Really, it has to stop!”

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Source: NDTV

Deepika was recently given the title of being the highest paid actress in Bollywood, and she said “it feels great because I’ve had to work hard to achieve that, to get where I am. I have the body of work to be able to command that kind of money. And I don’t need to fight for it”.

Not one to shy away from issues that she cares about deeply, it’s no surprise that the actress is a champion for raising awareness about mental health, and having gone through depression in the past year, she has emerged stronger than ever, and is ever thankful to her support system of family and friends.


I suffered clinical depression for the first time as a twelve year old.I did not know it was depression back then. The second bad attack was at the age of 26.A failed suicide attempt then led me to a psychiatrist who diagnosed it,but it took me a long time to accept the diagnosis and will a change within myself.My refusal to get help initially led to a whole lot of relationship issues.My family was beaten down by my illness,my children being the worst sufferers. A few kickass people in my life refused to let me give up. What cleared my head to a certain degree, allowed me to get some sleep, pulled me out of the depression to a point that I could see a few things was medication and support from family ,friends and counsellors. I still have those days when I do not want to get out of bed,not talk or hear people talk,want to cry and cry...but these episodes are v few and far in between. Please reach out to anyone who you think is "not normally"themselves.It could make the difference between life and death to them. I must add something here.Animals played a big role in my recovery.As someone said,there's no greater antidepressant than a puppy licking your face or a purring kitten in your lap.All the years I could not talk to humans,they were my confidants.And the unconditional love they showered made a huge difference.I owe them,big time. #letstalk #tlllfoundation #letstalkaboutmentalhealth #survivor #realpeople #realstories #DobaraPoocho

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“Time and a lot of work on myself helped me overcome it”, she said. “It came with an amazing support system, my friends and family. My friends and family keep me grounded. They keep me rooted. They anchor me. Also, today my work is everything. My work is me. I have created it. I’m responsible for my success and failure. No one else can take that away from me. That’s on what I have focussed all my energies and efforts. It’s my baby.”

We applaud Deepika for being such a headstrong role model, and we hope we get to see the spirit of Rani Padmavati shine through the actress’ hard work in the movie. We are so stoked for the release of the movie, that we can barely contain our excitement!

Take that, Karni Sena!