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‘You Are Not Like Other Girls’ - Why Every Woman Should Have A Problem With This Comparison

‘You Are Not Like Other Girls’ - Why Every Woman Should Have A Problem With This Comparison

If given a choice, what would you pick - being the girl with the dazzling personality with a killing sense of humor, or the girl whose fans and followers reach insane levels on social media, that everyone loves and adores?

If personality is what you choose, then how come all heads turn to the gorgeous model who just walked into the room and your "killing" personality is now the hollow sound of crickets in an empty room? And if you chose to be the Instagram goddess, why is it that men can't look beyond your great ass or your firm boobs and appreciate you for the person you are underneath? Damned if you do, damned if you don't, right?

Published by Kommune India's The Storytellers, Rabia Kapoor puts these very thoughts into a wonderful piece 'Objectify Me' and brings her witty best to the stage, tackling problems that all men and women face, when they're trying to woo partners by being 'a little different'. In a world where the statement "you are not like other girls" is supposed to be a compliment, being yourself can still be one of the biggest conflicts every person has to go through, in their lifetime. If our bodies are worth more than anything else, can we then give our hearts and minds for sale? Watch Rabia's lovely performance!

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