These Are The Times Our New Defence Minister Totally Wowed Us!

These Are The Times Our New Defence Minister Totally Wowed Us!

It always makes us happy to see women excelling in different fields. Yes! We are absolutely enthralled to see Nirmala Sitharaman taking power as a Defence Minister. Here are five times she absolutely deserved a standing ovation!

In case, you didn’t know, she is the second woman to be at this position after Indira Gandhi. However, for Gandhi, the defence was an additional charge but Sitharaman is India's first full-time woman defence minister.

Did you know that Sitharaman and the Florence Parley from France are the only two leading ladies heading the defence ministry in the entire world? Well, it’s overwhelming to know that women are taking control over areas that are still slightly male dominated, right?

Internal Nirmala Sitharaman

Source:  The Hindu

Sitharaman also worked at Pricewaterhouse Cooper as a Senior Manager in London before entering the Indian politics. She’s married to Dr. Parakala Prabhakar, who comes from a family of politicians.

She put in a short but impactful stint at the BBC World Service before she returned to India in 1991. In fact, on her return from London, within a year, she established Hyderabad's first Centre for Public Policy Studies, thereby institutionalising Policy Analysis in India. 

Sitharaman never fails to back India up wherever needed which reminds me of this one time she hit back at the former Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram, when he referred to India as a "One-eyed wonder". She was appalled by his remark and said that it's funny how he thinks this way when the world sees India as a bright spot.

The world is talking about her glorious achievement, we have picked a few top tweets from people who have welcomed her with great pride.

"Dear world, Wanna negotiate with us? You need to be as smart as Sushma Swaraj. Wanna fight us? You need to be as tough as Nirmala Sitharaman' - Ramesh Srivats.

 “A woman Defence Minister is one of the biggest signs of women empowerment in any country." Said Randeep Hooda, and we couldn’t agree more.

"A special mention of the 1st full-time female defence minister nsitharaman ji. Take a bow", said Smriti Irani.

"Only a person of PMOIndia kind could have appointed nsitharaman as India's Defence Minister. She is a woman of impeccable integrity+acumen" - Tweeted Kiran Bedi.

"Greetings to nsitharaman Ji on being appointed as the Defence minister of India.Your relentless efforts will take India to greater heights," said Shankar Chaudhary, Minister of State for health and welfare, Gujarat.

What a great time for a woman to take control when we’re battling out the current tensions between India and China. We need a woman's fresh perspective in a situation long tackled by men on both sides!

We wish Sitharaman all the best and hope to see a brighter future for our country. More power to you, ma’am.

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