#VideoOfTheDay: We Dare You To Do Your Makeup In Reverse!

#VideoOfTheDay: We Dare You To Do Your Makeup In Reverse!

YouTube is like my Pandora's box. I know I'm either going to strike gold or fall asleep with my phone hitting my face. Everything I've learnt about makeup is by watching YouTube and some of my favourite YouTubers like Tati, Laura Lee, Manny and Nikkie Tutorials.

Don't you love watching some absolutely downright ridiculous makeup challenges? It's my kinda porn, TBH. I totally flipped out on the 100 layers makeup challenge videos a few months ago. This morning on my way to work, I saw Nikkie slaying yet another makeup challenge! She decided to do her makeup in reverse. 

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Would you dare to do your makeup in reverse? I am totally game to take this challenge at work tomorrow. Do you think we should do it?

Featured Image: YouTube

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