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Don't Know About You But We've Got Our Eyes Glued To Nia Sharma's Thigh-High Boots

Don't Know About You But We've Got Our Eyes Glued To Nia Sharma's Thigh-High Boots

The mere mention of winter brings to mind boots, the closet essentials that have been our best bet for winter and transitional weather. Browse for something that gives them a spin and you will be left with an array of options to choose from—suede, slouchy, ankle-length and thigh-high, to name a few of the many. The latter could be a tricky alternative to try on but not if done with style. Take cues from actress Nia Sharma's recent OOTD.

Nia Sharma In Statement Thigh-High Boots

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A Runway Hit In Footwear

Nia Sharma in thigh high boots

Stepping a bit early on into the transitional weather, Nia Sharma wore the one accessory you will be seeing everywhere come winter—thigh-high boots. Seen on the international runways for many seasons now, the footwear is almost a staple, most fashion enthusiasts opting for iterations that work in sync with their personal style. For her look, the television celebrity kept it equal parts chic and edgy. An all-black dress with sheer fabric, polka dots and puffed sleeves was the outfit of choice which Nia Sharma teamed with contrasting white boots.

Ditching the monochrome look that a black version of the same footwear would have imparted, the actress's outfit was non-conforming, one ideal for those who don't like to play by the rules. This, of course, comes early in terms of winter dressing or even gearing up for the in-between weather but then again, there's nothing like the early bird approach when prepping for the upcoming seasons.

While we may still be indoors for the majority of times, here's taking a look at some options in the coveted trend that you can bookmark for later. And for those who like to keep it uniform, there are always the good old ankle boots to fall back on! Don't forget to take into account related accessories and essentials. 


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A Penchant For Boots

This is not the first time that the actress has been spotted sporting her preferred footwear. From ankle-length boots that are ubiquitous in wardrobes across the world to the thigh-high version, albeit in a different colour, it wouldn't be incorrect to say that Nia Sharma has a penchant for boots. Here are some snapshots of the actress making a case for them. 

Nia Sharma wearing black boots
Thigh-high boots
Nia Sharma in ankle length boots